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Rectangle 5×5 Grid

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Rectangle 5x5 Single

  1. Choose a size on the drop-down menu that is the closest one to your pool (it has to be bigger than your pool in order to cover it all).
  2. Select whether your pool has steps or no.
  3. Then enter the actual size of your pool below.

For an explanation on how to measure the corner radius C click here.
Samples and Guideslines click here

High Density mesh is UNAVAILABLE for 5x5 grid! If you want High Density mesh you are going to have to upgrade to the 3x3 grid.


Your Pool Size *

Enter your exact pool size.

Color *

Select a color for your mesh cover

Extra Details

Is there is anything within 18″ of the edge of the pool?
Is there any important detail we should know for the build of this cover?

Cut-Outs – optional

Covers that require Cut-Outs

Covers NEED Cut-Outs if there is anything that is non-removable within 12" of your pool.

One Cut-Out needed for everything obstacle. For example, you need one Cut-Out for a non-removable ladder, and an additional Cut-Out if you have a diving board.

We will collect the extra information needed for this in a follow up email.

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